Dementia Assessment and Treatment Service

Our team of experienced Neuropsychologists and Clinical Psychologists provide comprehensive, evidence-based assessment and support services for those experiencing dementia or memory problems. 

Questions we can help answer

  • Is it possible that I have dementia?
  • If it is not dementia, then what is causing my memory decline?
  • If I do have dementia, what type do I have?
  • What can I expect in the future?
  • Can I keep driving?
  • My family member with dementia is expressing some concerning behaviours, how can we help them with this?
  • How can I support my family member in moving into and adjusting to an aged care facility?
  • Does my family member have capacity to make decisions, such as consenting to medical treatment, or deciding where she wants to live?
  • How do we cope with this diagnosis as a family?

We can assist in the following ways

Neuropsychological Assessments

To assess and quantify suspected cognitive impairment and assist with differential diagnosis of dementia.

Behavioural Assessments and Support

To identify factors contributing to behavioural problems and provide support to families and aged care facilities regarding managing these issues.

Capacity Assessments

To assist with the determination of capacity to make decisions including financial and lifestyle decisions.

Psychological Support

To assist individuals and families to understand the diagnosis and manage the associated concerns.

    Meet the team

    Dr Sascha Hardwick

    Dr Sascha Hardwick

    Director – Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

    BA (Hons), PhD (ClinPsych / ClinNeuro), MAPS, FCCLP, FCCN

    Lorryn Delle Baite

    Lorryn Delle Baite

    Clincal Psychologist

    BA (Hons), M Psych (ClinPsych), MAPS

    Dr Sharpley Hsieh

    Dr Sharpley Hsieh

    Clincal Neuropsychologist

    BPsychol (Hons), DCN/MSc, PhD, MAPS, FCCN

    Dr Chantal Slor

    Dr Chantal Slor

    Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

    B (Psych), M.Sc (ClinNeuro), Ph.D (ClinNeuro)

    Rebekah Randall

    Rebekah Randall

    Clinical Neuropsychologist & Psychologist

    BA (Hons), M Psych (ClinNeuro), MAPS

    Dr Sarah Pollock

    Dr Sarah Pollock

    Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

    B.PsySc (Hons), PhD Psych (ClinPsych / ClinNeuro), MAPS, FCCN

    Dr Jacquelyn Knight

    Dr Jacquelyn Knight

    Psychologist, Clinical Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar

    BSc (Psych) (Hon), DPsych (ClinPsych/ClinNeuro), MAPS

    Psychology accreditation and associations

    Australian Psychological Society - Neuropsychologist
    Medicare rebates
    Austrlian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

    Request a quote for a Dementia Assessment services


    Members of the public may contact us directly to make an appointment, both for themselves or for their family member.

    Health professionals or organisations providing health care or case management services may also make referrals.