Health Psychology

We offer the following types of services for individuals to support them with their health and wellbeing.

Types of presentations we can help with

Perinatal concerns
  • Pre-pregnancy
  • During Pregnancy
  • Post-natal support
  • Adjustment to parenthood
  • Support around medical termination of pregnancy
  • Miscarriage and pregnancy loss
Infertility and IVF support
  • Difficulties conceiving naturally and/or throughout the IVF process
  • Stress management through the IVF process
  • Assistance with decision making regarding beginning, continuing, or ending treatment
  • Adjustment to IVF treatment process and treatment regime
  • Coping with the impending end/end of treatment


    Weight management

    • Body image concerns
    • Coping with weight discrimination
    • Building motivation to make lifestyle changes
    • Non-dieting approach to weight management
    • Addressing emotional eating patterns
    • Examining the relationship between your trauma history and weight (if applicable)
    Adjustment to illness or injury
    • Support around new diagnosis or post injury and adjustment to same
    • Treatment compliance – surgical, medical, medication management
    • Lifestyle changes and adjustment to change in body or mind
    • Learning to work with a health-care team
    • Increasing capacity and confidence to manage your own symptoms and signs
    • Goal setting and finding hopefulness
    • Grief and loss


    Assessment Services

    Our psychologists are able to support you in the following health assessments.

    Bariatric Surgical Assessment: According to the Australian Government National Health and Medical Guidelines (NHMRC) a psychological assessment is a requirement to determine your suitability prior to undertaking Bariatric surgery. Your surgeon or GP may recommend you undertake this assessment to ascertain suitability for surgery and especially to identify difficulties and barriers you may encounter as you go through the process of preparing for surgery and following.

    The assessment is a 2 hour process of which 1 hour is spent with the psychologist. During this time your mental health and overall wellbeing will be assessed and you will be provided with tailored, psychologically-specific information to support a successful weight loss outcome in both the pre and post surgical period or for a temporary or permanent non-surgical approach to managing your weight. The psychologist will complete a report for your surgeon. You can self-refer for this assessment and you may choose ongoing therapy as a part of your surgical/non-surgical journey.

    Therapy and Intervention

    We offer psychological therapy interventions to motivate and support you to improve your health across the following areas:

    • Anxiety, depression, PTSD and personality disorders preceding or as a part of a physical health problem
    • Improving health habits and behaviours
    • Adjustment to injury/illness/new diagnosis
      Support following a cancer diagnosis and during treatment
    • Information and support following an acquired brain injury
    • Support for carers of someone with a health concern.
    • Grief and loss.
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