Fees and Rebates

Counselling Fees

The Australian Psychological Society recommends an hourly rate for psychological services of $260 (2020-2021 year).  We provide a reduced rate for both private and organisational referrals.

Fees for Private Clients – 2020-2021

Clinical Psychologist

$230 – Initial session

With a valid Mental Health Care Plan 

Out of pocket is $101.60

Clinical Psychologist

$210 – Subsequent Sessions

With a valid Mental Health Care Plan

Out of pocket is $81.60

 General Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist Registrars

$205 – Initial session

With a valid Mental Health Care Plan 

Out of pocket is $117.55

General Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist Registrars

$185 – Subsequent Sessions

With a valid Mental Health Care Plan

Out of pocket is $97.55

Appointments after 5pm or Saturdays incur a $20 surcharge

 Fees for Organisational Referrals

We also provide a reduced rate for organisations, please contact us  on 3510 2104 to discuss. 

Neuropsychological Assessment Fees


We offer a range of tailored assessment options based on your specific needs. The following assessments can be conducted:

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological assessments (for diagnosis and rehabilitation recommendations)
  • Intelligence assessments
  • Screening cognitive assessments
  • Assessments of capacity to make decisions
  • WorkCover assessments
  • Fitness for duty assessments
  • Insurance assessments
  • Assessments after concussions
  • NDIS Assessments (plan and self managed, soon to be NDIA managed)

For a quote, please contact us to discuss your needs:

Phone: 07 3510 2104
Email: hardwickpsychology@gmail.com

Medicare Rebates and Mental Health Treatment Plans


We are registered with Medicare and rebates are available for eligible clients.  Individuals with a Mental Health Treatment Plan from their doctor are able to receive a rebate of $126.50 per session with a Clinical Psychologist. Upon visiting your doctor or GP, they will make an assessment about whether you are eligible for such a plan, and may refer you to a psychologist. Eligible clients are entitled to up to:

  • 10 individual sessions with a psychologist per calendar year; plus
  • 10 group therapy sessions with a psychologist per calendar year.

You will need to have your Mental Health Treatment Plan before you come to the first session with your Psychologist in order for your rebate to be processed. And your Medicare rebate will be processed electronically at the end of your consultation.


What is the Difference Between a General Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist

Psychologists who offer counselling generally fall into two main categories. The following provides information that might assist you to decide the type of Psychologist whom you wish to see.

General Psychologist

  • Study: Has completed a minimum of 4 years university study in psychology
  • Medicare Rebates: Will attract a Medicare Rebate of $86.15 per session with valid Mental Health Treatment Plan
  • Registration : Is registered as a “General Psychologist” with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Clinical Psychologist

  • Study: Has completed a minimum of 6 – 8 years university study, to the level of Masters, Doctorate or PhD in psychology
  • Medicare Rebates:  Will attract a higher Medicare rebate of $126.50 per session with valid Mental Health Treatment Plan
  • Registration:  Is endorsed as a “Clinical Psychologist” with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Dr Sascha Hardwick, Dr Sarah Pollock, and Lorryn Delle Baite are Clinical Psychologists.

Other Government Initiatives

A range of government bodies offer mental health funding for those meeting eligibility requirements including:

Private Health Insurance Rebates


If you have ‘extras’ private health insurance you may be eligible to claim rebates for psychological sessions. Each insurance company is different and rebates depend on extras cover schemes which can change over time, therefore we recommend that you check with your insurer about rebate amounts. Please note that the Item Number for an initial consultation with a Psychologist is 100, and subsequent consultations is 200.

Private Health Rebates are processed electronically through HICAPS at the end of your appointment if your fund uses this service. Alternatively, you may still be able to claim rebates by presenting a receipt to your insurer.

Payment Methods

Individuals: Payment is made on the day of the appointment via EFTPOS or our Halaxy payment system with credit card details. We have a HICAPS terminal, and can process MEDICARE rebates in the office.

Organisations: An invoice will be issued and payment will be required within 7 days of the invoice via electronic bank transfer, credit card (over the phone), or cheque. Payment details will be provided on the invoice.



Please provide 48 hours notice in order to avoid cancellation fees. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the appointment then a cancellation fee will apply.  These fees apply to all clients and from the initial session. Cancellation fees are as follows:

Therapy Cancellation Fees

Full Fee paying = $51 +gst 

Low Income = $25 +gst

Neuropsychological Cancellation Fees

Full Fee paying = $100 +gst 

Low Income = $55 +gst

NDIS Cancellation Fees

Therapy – 1 hour of the current NDIS scheduled cancellation fee

Neuropsychological Assessment – 2 hours of the current NDIS scheduled cancellation fee