Psychology Services

We offer a range of services including individual and group counselling, neuropsychological assessments and rehabilitation, perinatal support, and health psychology. 

Counselling Services


We want you to live your best and most meaningful life.  We pride ourselves on providing gold-standard, evidence-based, and responsive support to help you achieve your goals.

Children and Teens

We understand the unique challenges that Children and Teens face. Our team works with children from 8+ years old.

Online Therapy

We offer online counselling sessions via video calls and telephone.  This service can be an excellent option for people living in rural and remote areas allowing you to access quality services no matter where you are.


We help clients with a range of different anxiety issues, using evidence based treatments. 


We understand how to help our clients learn ways to recover from depression.


Our psychologists utilise a range of different techniques to support our clients with trauma including EMDR, Schema Therapy, Trauma informed CBT and DBT.

ADHD and Autism Support

We provide counselling to support to people with ADHD or ASD. We work from a strengths perspective to enable our neuroatypical clients to embrace their lives and thrive.

Neuropsychological Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our team are experienced in providing support to those who have had an acquired brain injury.  We provide therapy or rehabilitation programs individually designed to address identified concerns and assist with adjustment.

Adjustment to Illness or Injury

We offer support for those who have a new medical diagnosis or those who are adjusting back to life following an injury. Our psychologists can help you understand and adjust to changes.  

Group Counselling 

We offer group therapy sessions which are designed to bring together people who share similar experiences.  Group therapy sessions are led by an experienced Psychologist and can be a rewarding experience.

Perinatal Support

Perinatal psychology focuses on the well-being of women from before, during and after pregnancy as well as support with fertility.  Our team is here to support you along the way. 


Neuropsychology Assessments

Our psychologist conduct a cognitive assessments for a range of conditions including brain injury, concussion, dementia, stroke, intellectual disability and other neurological conditions. 

ADHD Adults and Children

We have a range of options for assessing adults and children with a suspected diagnosis of ADHD.


ADHD Adults

We have a range of options for assessing adults and children with a suspected diagnosis of ADHD.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We conduct diagnostic assesments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our team is also on hand to support you following diagnosis with counselling.

NDIS Eligibility & Plan Renewal Assessments

For those looking to apply for the NDIS, we offer eligibilty assessments. We can also assist at the time of plan renewal.

Dementia Services

Our team of experienced Neuropsychologists & Psychologists can provide comprehensive, assessments and support services for those experiencing dementia or memory problems. 

Return to Work & Fitness for Duty

We can work with your employer or WorkCover to assist with the assessment and plan for return to work following brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury

We conduct assessments for those who have experienced a TBI or concussion.

Capacity Assessments

Capacity assessments are undertaken to better understand an adults capacity to make decisions. 

Bariatric Psychology Assessment

A psychological assessment may be recommended by your surgeon when considering Bariatric surgery to ascertain suitability for surgery and especially to identify difficulties and barriers you may encounter as you go through the process.