Group Therapy

We offer group therapy sessions which are designed to bring together people who share similar experiences.  Group therapy sessions are led by an experienced Psychologist and can be a rewarding experience.

Based on the needs of our community we run various group programs through-out the year.

Memory Group

Dates:  20th March to 1st May 2024 

(The group will also be run again later in 2024, so call to put your name on a waitlist for subsequent groups)

Bookings: Please contact our practice on (07) 3515 0172.

The Memory Group is a 6-week cognitive rehabilitation program designed to improve everyday memory skills in people with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI). It focuses on the provision of compensatory memory strategies in a collaborative and friendly group environment in which ABI survivors can share their experiences and learnings.

The group covers psychoeducation about memory, the structure of memory, and the impacts of brain injury, and provision of internal and external memory strategies which participants practise in session and then at home, to ensure that strategies are translated into real life improvement.

Emotional Regulation Group

Dates: To be confirmed

Bookings: Please contact us (07) 3515 0172 to learn more.

This group provides information to better understand your emotions, as well as teaching a range of evidence-based emotion regulation strategies to assist individuals to manage feelings such as anxiety and depression.  Strategies come from the following therapy approaches: CBT, ACT and DBT. The group setting provides the opportunity to to share experiences and learn from other another in a supportive environment.