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Telehealth Psychology

We offers telehealth psychological services for counselling sessions, or neuropsychological testing. Telehealth means we can conduct your sessions via video-call or telephone call from the comfort of your home. 

Counselling sessions are conducted using secure end-to-end encryption and can be conducted on a phone, laptop or tablet computer. Online psychology counselling sessions are eligible for a medicare rebate with a mental heath care plan. 

Our team provides evidence-based, counselling services. We take a responsive and sensitive approach to help clients work through current issues to improve their overall quality of life. Our approach aims to be collaborative, non-judgemental, confidential, caring, and underpinned by an understanding of the client’s true values and goals. Our psychologists have are registered in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology.

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Let’s Work Together!

Meet the team

Online Psychologist 2

Dr Sascha Hardwick

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

Online Psychologist 3

Dr Sarah Pollock

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

Online Psychologist 4

Jenna Axtens

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar

Online Psychologist 5

Dr Chantal Slor

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

Online Psychologist 6

Dr Candice Fenner

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar
Online Psychologist 7

Dr Maddi Campbell

Clinical Psychologist, and Neuropsychological Registrar

Online Psychologist 8

Jac Tichbon

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar

Online Psychologist 9

Wonny Kim

Provisional Psychologist

What you need for an online counselling session?

  • A quiet and private location in your household with stable access to the internet
  • A mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a camera and microphone
  • The latest version of either Chrome or Safari browsers.

If you do not have stable internet connect, counselling sessions can be conducted by telephone.   


What can I expect from online counselling?

Before the session you will be sent an email with a secure link. Simply open the link on your phone, tablet or laptop in the latest version of either chrome or safari browsers.

Find a quiet and private location in your household with stable access to the internet where you can talk.  

The aim of therapy is to work collaboratively with the client to increase their understanding of themselves and address areas of concern in a meaningful yet timely manner. The process aims to increase the client’s understanding and awareness of their current difficulties, and to help them to learn strategies that will enable them to overcome areas of difficulty and work towards improving their overall quality of life.

The initial session typically involves a clinical assessment, where information is collected on the nature of the client’s current difficulties and relevant history, as well as the administration of questionnaires regarding current functioning.  By the end of the first session, the client and your psychologist will have a clearer understanding of the nature of the client’s current difficulties and contributing factors, and will have developed a therapy plan which includes therapy goals, the treatment approach, and the number of sessions required.

Therapy sessions typically last 50-60 minutes and occur at a frequency determined by the client and your psychologist, usually weekly. The number of treatment sessions that will be required depends on the unique circumstances of each client. Therapy typically involves the completion of in-between session tasks (known as homework), that aims to increase the benefits of therapy.

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Counselling approaches and techniques 

The approach is adapted to your needs based on our psychologists experience and training in multiple different counselling techniques.  The following is some more information on two common approaches: 

Counselling Costs and Rebates

Out of pocket expense varies depending on what rebates might be available. For example, individuals with a Mental Health Treatment Plan from their GP are able to receive a rebates on up to 10 sessions a year. Visit the Fees and Rebates page for details. 

Psychology accreditation and associations

Counselling Ashgrove Medicare

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Counselling Ashgrove APS

Fully registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Counselling Ashgove AHPS

Approved Medicare Provider