Perinatal Psychology

What is Perinatal Psychology?

Perinatal psychology relates to the psychological and emotional experiences of women, infants, and families during the perinatal period, which is the time pre-conception, conception, pregnancy and right through the first year after birth. A perinatal psychologist may consider and discuss prenatal development, childbirth, infant development, and maternal and paternal adjustment antenatally (prior to delivery) and in the postpartum period.

What is involved?

A perinatal psychologist recognises the importance of the psychological well-being of both the mother, father and infant during the perinatal period. They seek to educate about the psychological and emotional changes that occur during this time, to understand, support and treat the stressors, adjustments and emergent or pre-existing mental health conditions as they apply to each individual and in an overarching way to promote positive experiences and outcomes for both mothers, fathers and infants.

Our perinatal psychologist works with individuals and their families, and can provide a range of services including education, counselling, psychotherapy, and support. They will collaborate with other healthcare providers to address the psychological needs of women hoping to fall pregnant, while pregnant and during the postpartum period to promote healthy development for infants; healthy mental health of parents and assistance in nurturing family units.

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