COVID-19 – Update 18/03/20


Advice dated 18/03/2020

We understand that this is an anxious time, and we aim to support you the best way we can during this difficult period. Here are some details regarding how Hardwick Psychological Services is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Telehealth Psychological Services

With the increase in social distancing requirements, it is likely that we will need to rely increasingly on telehealth methods to deliver psychological services to you.  This means conducting sessions over the telephone or via video-conferencing. We can do this for either counselling sessions, or neuropsychological testing.

Telehealth Availability

Client GroupCostDetails
All Counselling Clients$205All clients can access telehealth at anytime by paying the standard consultation fee.
Counselling Clients with a Mental Health Care PlanBulk BilledEligibility.

1.     If client is in a vulnerable group (70+ years, 50+ years and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, pregnant, a parent of a child under 12 months, have a chronic health condition[1], or are immune compromised) OR

2.     If your psychologist is at risk of COVID-19 (has been isolated or quarantined)

NDIS Counselling ClientsNo costCan access telehealth immediately without meeting any criteria
NIISQ Counselling ClientsNo costCan access telehealth immediately without meeting any criteria
WorkCover Counselling ClientsNo costCan access telehealth on a case-by-case basis. Your psychologist will need to contact your Customer Advisor.
Neuropsychology Testing ClientsUsual CostsDetermined on a case-by-case basis, please contact Dr Hardwick 3510 2104


Accessing Telehealth

If you would like to access telehealth services, please contact our reception on 3510 2104, or to check your eligibility. If eligible, we can provide you with an email outlining how to access telehealth. Please call us if you need any further information or have any questions.

General Operation and Hygiene Measures

  1. Hardwick Psychological Services is still open to see clients. Check the blog on the website for updates.
  2. In order to protect our more vulnerable clients, we kindly ask that if you feeling sick that you cancel your appointment. This is especially the case if you have a fever AND a cough. In such situations you need to consult with your doctor.
  3. No cancellation fees will be applied to cancellations associated with sickness, isolation or quarantine.
  4. We will be regularly using disinfectant sprays in our offices, and washing our hands before and after every client.
  5. We also kindly ask that you wash your hands with soap before coming in, but we will have hand sanitizer available if you are unable to do this.

Kind Regards

Hardwick Psychological Services

[1] A chronic health condition is “a medical condition that has been present (or is likely to be present) for at least 6 months or is terminal.” It does not include a chronic mental health condition. We will need to confirm this condition from your medical records – e.g. your original GP referral.